Designing Digital Environments - Autumn 2010 - Høgskolen i Østfold
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Course description

Course description: Design of Digital Environments 2010
Code: ITI46105 000
Credits: 15
Learning outcomes:
  • Knowledge based learning outcomes
    The candidate shall attain the requisite knowledge and expertise for challenging jobs in research and development in the field.

  • Skill based learning outcomes - the ability to:
    • Work independently with a complex problem over a longer period of time.
    • Analyze a problem and plan its solution.
    • Construct models and implement them in digital environments.
    • Master feasible planning that consider alternatives, limitations n and time constraints.
    • Collect and analyze relevant information with an ethically healthy and critical approach.
    • Present reasearch and results in a clear and comprehensive written theses.
    • Communicate knowledge clearly and precisely orally and in writing.
    • Express own and others reflections and solutions in the chosen area of research.

  • General competence
    The program seeks to develop and maintain academic curiosity and insight, promoting openness, precision and discrimination between knowledge and opinions. On completion of the program the students should have the ability to think critically about central ethical, philosophical and scientific problems in their field.
Overview: Design and Making
Digital environments
Design History
Design Theory
Design Activity
Value and Responsibility
Contents: A designproject to be implemented as a sketch project after three separate design methods have been applied and tested. The project will be supported by advice, lectures, seminars and course gatherings.
Prerequisites: Qualified for master's degree program
Assessment: Individual assessment of course projects.

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