Børre Ludvigsen

Born: 1946
Degree: Diploma in Architecture, Kingston College of Art, 1970
Workplace: Østfold College, Informatics, Halden (HiØ)

Work experience:

Teaching experience: Research and development:

A mid-life career change was initiated in 1981 with my earliest association with HiØ as advisor for various student projects researching and developing micro-computer based software for the building industry.

Previously all research and development had been concentrated in design of model and built environments as internal development projects, architectural design contests or building projects. During the late 1970's substatial effort was spent researching and developing prefabricated timber space frame structures and morphological space structures based on platonic solids.

During the 1980's I initiated or participated as advisor in various software development projects for the building industry and especially augmentation tools for architectural practice. The projects were under the auspices of the Norwegian Association of Consulting Architects, Norwegian Building Center and the Reasearch Council of Norway.

The realization that the Internet and multimedia technologies were changing the way we communicate and learn led me to concentrate on the field of digital media as communicative environments. While still in very early stages of development, digital media are not only changing the way we think and communicate, but have strong influence in both global economics and political change. The design of such environments, their native applications and documents present one of the great challenges in the future of our academic field.

We have defined the design of digital envirnoments to include the study and creative use of technological and artistic resources for learning and communication by people and machines.

Since joining the informatics department of HiØ full-time, my main interests have been in structuring and designing digital environments for conveying information. The projects, both ongoing and completed, in this field fall into three main categories; passive, on-demand presentation, active, real-time streaming and small mobile devices, embedded or hand-held.

The following is a limited list of projects completed or on-going for which i have been responsible during the past decade:

The projects above are all the basis for ongoing research into concepts in information architecure, the design and planning of digital environments.


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